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Friday, February 20, 2009

Comics in a Digital Era

I already commented just a tad in former posts about webcomics and their potential as "comics," and thanks to Scott Kurtz's reference at PvP, I came across this nice illustration that briefly criticizes some webcomics for straying outside of what an actual comic is, explains that definition, and shows what the author means through form following concept. (WARNING: some strong language in the first few panels, but it cleans up once it gets to the meat!)

about DIGITAL COMICS by ~Balak01 on deviantART

I think this Balak01 fellow has hit the nail on the head. He keeps comics pure by not straying from their basics -- images in a deliberate sequence -- but still makes them dynamic and manipulates time by taking advantage of the visual space properties that are unique to the digital format.

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Amanda said...

Very cool. I like that the reader has so much control over the pacing in digital comics that are, like this one, kept pretty linear--only a few frames to a page.

And I'm gonna have to think more about that definition of comics as media that uses space to create time. That's really interesting.

Thanks for sharing!