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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Word of Mouth

Check out this installment of a podcast hosted by the writing center at Brigham Young University, my alma mater.

I would have personally given a few more details as to the economic influence that has encouraged the prominence of superheroes in the comics medium over the years, and the hosts are a little monotone and unnatural, but they pull in a couple guests who are more lively, and the podcast in all is a good intro for someone who is curious about looking at comics more seriously and understanding the phenomenal popularity of comics-related media in the last decade (original post at


Lina said...

Thanks a lot for posting us.

We had approximately 4 hours of interviews, that covered all manner of subjects (such as the economic aspect) but man-hours and course loads force us to post short shows.

We also doubt anyone would like to listen to hour long shows. If there is a demand we can post longer versions of the interviews but for now:

Thanks for listening and linking us.

Christina said...

Very, very cool.